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Introducing Jump, the bus app for Londoners

Introducing Jump, the bus app for Londoners

Ryan Shelton, May 28

We’ve been working on a side project (read “labour of love”) for the past 6 months and are ready to share a sneak peek.

For London, and for Londoners, the bus holds a special kind of affection – it is uniquely, unmistakeably, undeniably a part of the fabric of this great city, and the lives of those who call it home.

For those of us who rely on it to make our lives work, to make London a city that we can thrive in, the London Bus is a way of life. And Jump is an app that helps us take control of that life. Just like the London Bus, Jump is simple, intuitive, something we can rely on. Using real-time bus location data, Jump allows you to organise your life around the things that are important to you, not around the bus timetable. Built into a user-friendly gesture driven interface we’re really proud to introduce you to Jump.

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