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Recap, nominations and Jump goes to Brixton!

Recap, nominations and Jump goes to Brixton!

Ryan Shelton, Oct 7

The last few months have been really busy here at Noble Union. We released a number of client apps – most notably a refreshed design for The Open Championship app, built by our friends at Future Workshops.

Our app Jump – London Bus Tracker – made the official Shortlist of the 4th Annual Lovie Awards in the Mobile: Best Visual Design category and is a Lovies finalist in the Mobile: Best User Experience Category! We’d greatly appreciate your vote in the People’s Lovies – we’re up against some big names (Google and Shazam!) but with your help we may just win an award – vote here (search for Jump or find it under Mobile / Best User Experience). Jump has also been nominated for an Appsters Award in the Best use of API 2014 category. To say we are over the moon is an understatement!

In other news
iOS 8 was recently released and we’ve been playing with Apple’s latest OS X update Yosemite which will see a public release later this month.

Jump goes to Brixton!
What we’re most excited about however is our latest update to Jump which is being released today! We’re calling the latest version “Brixton” – you’ll notice the app icon has been updated to highlight this shiny new release.

Marco has been working overtime on 1.3 (Brixton). So, what’s new in this version? Speeeeeeeed! We’ve completely rebuilt Jump to make it super-duper snappy. To achieve this we focused on two key areas; network and UI:

  • Network – New light and more efficient architecture
  • UI – Reshaped and optimised all animations


  • Faster search – Background support gives you access to over 19,000+ bus stops making Jump extremely responsive
  • Redesigned map view – Did we mention Jump is lighter and fasssster?
  • Better Location Services adoption
  • Bug fixes

To make something better, you sometimes have to remove something else:

  • With Version 1.3 (Brixton), the map view loading spindle has become redundant and therefore been removed. Why? Because Jump loads bus stops so much quicker the load spindle is no longer necessary.

Take a look at the video below to compare the speed improvements Marco has achieved. Version 1.2 (Aldgate) is on the left while Version 1.3 (Brixton) is on the right.


As always, a big thank you to everyone who posted a positive review or made contact with us via twitter and email. We want to make Jump the best bus app for people like you!

If you love Jump please take a minute to leave us a review. Positive reviews are like chocolate coated peanuts – you can never have enough of them.

The foundations have been laid for a better experience which will allow us to focus on the next update – we have something juicy in the pipeline. We hope Jump helps you enjoy London’s autumn splendour. Thanks for using Jump!

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